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65 Leads offers membership packages with access to software, templates, hosting, training and more. Our packages range from free to $85/mo. We can create custom packages for larger clients.
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65 Leads offers custom designs for websites and print. We also offer many software products including domain names, websites, replicating team systems, and more.
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65 Leads can provide services like data entry, graphic design, coding, copywriting, consulting and more. We contract with workers around the world to find the right match for your requirements and budget.
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Membership Packages
FREE Emerald
Leads 10 2,000
Emails 50 10,000
Templates 10 ALL
Autoresponder Yes Yes
3rd Party Autoresponder No Yes
Exit Popup Yes Yes
Live Chat No Yes
Import Leads No Yes
Earn Money Yes Yes
Add Affiliate Programs No Yes
Showcase No Yes
FREE $20/mo
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Web/Graphic Design
We have several web page and graphic design products with set prices. From basic, short web page designs to postcards, brochures, and multiple page designs, we have a product to fit your needs. Partial designs can be purchased as a service.
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Replicating Software (TEAM)
Designed for teams and businesses that want to have software similar to installed on their own domain for their team. Charge members for using the software, or give out free accounts. You can have multiple capture pages, banners, emails and more.
Replicating Software (PRO)
Designed for companies that want to create different packages, or companies that have lots of content. You can group content and setup billing packages with different levels of access. Perfect for companies who wish to sell web pages or autoresponder services.

Our team and pro software is the same software used for this website. They have several plugins that can be purchased like commission tracking, live chat, and more. Contact us to learn more about our replicating software and the plugins offered.

Anything you need related to your website we can provide. If none of our products meet your needs, we offer a support request system where you can hire us to do anything. We have our own highly trained staff and also contract out simpler tasks allowing you to save on simple tasks. For services you pay by the second for the work done. Workers each have their own rate based on their skill and location. Services are provided to existing clients who have purchased a product or membership from us. Contact us to learn more about having us provide you with services.

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