Lead Management Software: Finding and managing leads has never been easier!

Lead management is easier than ever with our software. We not only help you generate leads, but we also help you categorize, track, convert, and communicate with leads. Every lead is valuable, and our software can help you realize the full value of your leads.

Generate Leads
Use our capture page templates to generate leads. Create your own capture pages to generate leads. Get HTML code to paste opt-in forms on other sites or blogs to generate leads.
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Manage Leads
Group your leads, allowing you to setup different messages for each group. Add leads to multiple groups. Flag important leads. Assign leads to team members. Find your leads easily with basic and advanced searches.
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Import Leads
Easily import your leads from a CSV file. Import your lead into any lead group that you've created. Select whether or not imported leads should receive an instant message.
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Communicate With Leads
Send emails to your leads and track if they are being opened. Chat with leads while they are visiting your site. Send text messages or prerecorded messages (mp3) to their cell phone.
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View statistics showing when and what pages leads are viewing, messages sent to the lead and if they were opened, chats held with leads, conversion ratios, and more.
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Custom Fields & Notes
Create custom fields for your leads to track any additional information you need to track. Add as many additional fields as you need. Add notes to leads. Flag leads for easy identification.
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